The Northern Prawn Fishery – Wild, Sustainable, MSC Certified

The pristine waters of the Northern Prawn Fishery (NPF), Australia’s largest and most valuable prawn fishery, are some of the most abundant and isolated in the world. The 6000kms of coastline harbors the most spectacular untouched wilderness and includes a diverse range of ecosystems, weather and wildlife. It’s these pristine waters that the succulent and wild-caught banana, tiger, endeavour and king prawns from the NPF call home.

The Northern Prawn Fishery is certified as sustainable against the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) global environmental standard for sustainable and well managed fisheries. NPF banana, tiger and endeavour prawns will now carry the blue MSC marine ecolabel.

The NPF is now in a position to meet the growing consumer demand for sustainably sourced seafood by being one of only a handful of prawn fisheries around the world certified by the MSC, and the first fishery in the world to supply MSC certified banana, tiger and endeavour prawns. So now you can tuck into a Christmas meal of tasty prawns from the NPF, safe in the knowledge that they are not only good for you, they’re good for the planet!

Who is NPF Industry Pty Ltd?

The NPF Industry Pty Ltd is a collective of trawler operators, processors and marketers acting together as a single voice for the industry in the Northern Prawn Fishery, which spans the pristine waters from Cape York to the Kimberleys. The company was formed in 2007 to represent the interests of NPF operators and to promote the on-going sustainable development of the fishery. NPF Industry Pty Ltd works closely with government, scientists and regulators to ensure the wild areas of the Northern Prawn Fishery are responsibly and sustainably managed. NPF Industry has been a willing partner and leader of many significant initiatives to improve prawn stocks, reduce by-catch and foster research to improve the overall sustainability of the NPF. MSC certification is the crowning achievement in the quest for a sustainable fishery – safeguarded for the future.